Top 3 Free Digital Memorial Websites

digital memorial website

Obituaries as most people know them are in a newspaper, they cost a significant amount of money, and when the paper is thrown away, so is that memory. These days, remembering a loved one can go far beyond a printed newspaper obituary. Digital memorial websites are websites that can be personalized to commemorate your loved one in unique ways. They can be shared with family and friends, near and far. And they are a digital imprint that last forever.

Here are 3 free digital memorial websites that we recommend.

Qeepr (pronounced “Keeper”) is a free memorial website that lets users create a profile-like page for their loved one. You can upload photos, share details about the funeral or memorial service, add a biography of their life, and share this page with family and friends. You can even connect other Qeepr profiles together, which slowly builds a family tree. is a user-friendly, virtual memorial that becomes the focal point of a community of family and friends. The profile keeps your cherished memories alive. The features are designed to reflect your loved one’s life and personality while keeping control of sensitive aspects such as privacy, religion, and security.

This is another free way to pay tribute to a loved one online. Create a beautiful everlasting memorial page where you can read heart-warming memories, add photos, share details about funeral arrangements, and even link to a donations page. This feature is especially interesting to families who are looking for assistance with the financial burden of a funeral. Alternately, people have used the donation feature in lieu of flowers, where money is raised for an important cause or foundation.

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  • By Kenneth Gladman - Reply

    I had no idea there were ways to memorialize a loved one online. I think that posting obituaries in the news is still a traditional way to remember someone and let people know. This online option could become more popular in the future.

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