How to Make Money as a Family Caregiver

family caregivers can make money for their services

Family caregivers are some of the kindest and most selfless people in the world. The time and energy they spend to make sure their loved one is taken care of, sometimes literally hand and foot, is incredible. Most family members who offer their time for caregiving don’t know this, but there are ways to be compensated for your efforts.

Veteran’s Benefits Programs
Stipends are now available to family caregivers of a veteran who was injured in combat after 9/11. Additional benefits to caregivers under the VA includes travel expenses, access to health insurance, mental health services, and respite care for 30 days each year.

For veterans who served in other wars, caregivers might be eligible for the VA’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit.

State Funded Programs
While the title varies from state-to-state, look into programs either through Medicaid, the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services, or your local Area Agency on Aging.

The program might be called something like “Consumer-Directed”, “Participant-Directed”, or “Cash and Counseling“. These things typically have income eligibility rules that applicants must meet, and they also regulate who can be paid for caregiving.

There is almost always a waiting list, so keep in mind that this is not an overnight approval. Also, as many state funded programs go, the budget allocation to this is also generally small. Don’t let these things disparage you. It’s just important to go into this realistically, otherwise, you might wind up in a disadvantaged point for both yourself and your loved one.

Additional Options

For people going through significant financial hardship because of a caregiving circumstance, where none of the above options work for you, not all is lost.

If there are additional family members who are able to help out, try to set up a schedule so that the time commitment is shared evenly. This will take some burden off of you, and hopefully alleviate some of the time constraint issues that you are currently facing.

These same people can also help pitch in financially if they are unable to offer their time. This way, you can seek outside help from a professional caregiver who can come into the home and assist with daily tasks. to set up a scheduLook into finding a

Lastly, if you do remain as the primary caregiver at home and can’t find any way to receive additional help from outside sources, find creative ways to work from home. There are wonderful websites like that allow you to apply for remote freelance jobs for a lot of different categories. Easy things to do remotely could be customer service (like answering phone calls or emails) or writing blog articles for a company.

Check out what AARP has to say on this matter too.

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