5 Creative Ways To Commemorate Your Loved Ones

Commemorating a departed loved one is a therapeutic activity that helps you deal with your loss. According to Denise Badaruddin, a clinical psychologist in Pasadena, California, one outlet of grief may be establishing a way to remember the deceased. Whether you’ve lost someone years ago or just recently, honoring his or her memory may give you the opportunity to heal in time. It also allows you to look back with fondness the life he or she has left behind.

Here are five noteworthy ways to commemorate the lives of those who have passed:

1. Display pictures and items of your departed loved ones

Pictures capture wonderful memories of those who have already left. In your living room, display pictures of your loved ones in areas that can be easily seen while sitting down. Images may evoke a sense of comfort by making you feel that those who have gone are still with you despite their physical absence. Hang pictures of their achievements and big milestones in life such as their graduation or wedding portraits. If they had a particular hobby, you can showcase their tools and works in a specific spot or wall of the house.

2. Make a memento in their memory

Mementos do not need to be complicated or intricate. With minimal art skills, you can create special items bearing their name or memory such as a hand painted mug or even a memory quilt made of their favorite clothes. In today’s digital world, you can do more by simply printing their pictures and incorporating them in various forms of artworks.

3. Turn a portion of their ashes into a beautiful painting

A unique way to commemorate those who passed away is by turning a portion of their cremains into beautiful paintings. If you have the courage and means to do it yourself, you can go through the entire process from mixing the ashes with custom paint to framing the artwork. Nevertheless, there are providers who would gladly do this for you and help you create the most fitting and meaningful piece of art to remember your loved one.

4. Turn cremated ashes into a diamond 

LifeGem from Illinois currently holds the patent of turning one pound of ashes into diamond through high pressure molding. For a considerable price, you can then have this piece of diamond fixed on any form of jewelry such that you can feel like a part of the deceased is with you whenever you wear it. This option, while somewhat pricey, is an unique and beautiful way to stay connected with your loved one.

5. Plant a tree from their compost

Perhaps a really nice way to celebrate the life of your loved one is by planting a tree in their honor. A nonprofit organization based in Seattle, the Urban Death Project, has taken it to the next level by building a human composting facility that enables them to extract compost from the remains of your loved ones in just six weeks. It is an eco-conscious way to lay someone to rest, although the process may meet the disapproval of traditional families who would rather choose to bury their dead in a cemetery. The compost can then be used to plant a tree that will serve as a formidable and long-lasting reminder of the person who has passed away.

Where do you start?

While there are many great ways to commemorate a departed loved one, you should pick the option that’s the most comfortable to you. Think back to your favorite memories of your departed loved one and choose a way to commemorate him or her that reflects those happy moments.

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