Most Innovative Cremation Options in 2016

As cremation gains popularity especially among today’s baby boomers, people are coming up with innovative ideas for what to do with their loved ones’ cremated remains. While using traditional urns is still a common option, there are now more inventive cremation options that are gaining traction in 2016.

Memorial Tattoos

One of the up and coming trends in memorializing a loved one takes a step beyond the traditional commemorative tattoo. Although some may consider it a bit morbid, tattoos mixed with a small amount of cremated remains are becoming more popular with those who want to remain as close as possible the person they’ve lost.

These individuals are designing and receiving some amazing memorial tattoos, which range from simple names and quotes to colorful flowers and portraits. On the surface, the tattoo looks no different from any other one, but for the person who receives it, it’s a life-changer. Although there is some risk to this procedure, tattoo parlors across the United States have been incorporating remains into tattoos for years; however, it’s not a procedure all artists will do.

Commemorative tattoos come in various sizes, styles and colors. It’s best to choose something that reminds you of your loved one and everything he or she lived for. Some of the more popular styles of memorial tattoos include:

  • Name and birth/death dates
  • Handprint or footprint
  • Portrait of person who died
  • American flag or other military symbol
  • Religious symbols
  • Angels
  • Flowers
  • Quotes, saying or Biblical scriptures
  • Ribbons (such as pink ribbon commemorating breast cancer)

Scattering Cremated Remains

Scattering a loved one’s cremated remains is becoming more commonplace as families begin to see that ground burial is the only option for when a person dies. However, if you choose this route, make sure you abide by all state and local laws as they vary from region to region.

Choosing a location to scatter one’s cremated remains helps determine how the ceremony will proceed. You can use an urn specifically designed for this purpose because one end opens, therefore allowing you sprinkle the ashes without the worry of having them spill or be touched.

Ashes can be scattered near home, in a garden or under favorite tree or shrub. Others choose to have their ashes strewn over a favorite recreational place such as a golf course, hunting grounds, baseball field or hiking trail.

Water enthusiasts may prefer to have their ashes scattered in the ocean or a favorite lake. Some people see this as the easiest way to disperse all the remains, while others believe because life began in the sea, it is best to return life back to it.

Other ways to scatter cremated remains that are less thought about include:

  • From an airplane: Typically performed by a pilot, aerial scattering is done from a private plane, hot air balloon or helicopter.
  • Green burial: A very common method as one digs a hole in a green burial cemetery or similar location and either poured in or placed in a biodegradable urn and buried. In some areas, you can also scatter the ashes directly over the dirt or grass.
  • Raking: Ashes are strewn over loose soil and raked into the ground. This could be the bed for a flower garden, bushes, etc.

Pressed into a Vinyl Record

If your loved one was a music lover, then consider immortalizing him or her by having the cremated remains baked into a vinyl album. Several companies worldwide are offering people that opportunity to press their cremated remains into a vinyl recording of their own voice, a favorite song or their last will and testament.

Human ashes are sprinkled onto a raw piece of vinyl and then pressed by machine plates. As the plates put pressure on the vinyl to create the grooves, then the ashes are pressed into the record.

Cremation Jewelry

Keeping your loved one close after he or she is gone can be done by wearing a piece of cremation jewelry. There are many styles available that can hold the cremated remains of your loved ones.

For instance, lockets for ashes are unique expressions of your love and devotion to the person who died. As cremation becomes a more viable option for people, the demand for jewelry such as lockets, also increases. Cremation lockets come in a variety of styles and designs. They are usually available in gold or silver, but a chain is typically not included.

Another increasingly popular choice in cremation jewelry is heart cremation rings. These rings can hold a small amount of cremated ashes, and because you wear the ring on your finger or on a chain around your neck, it provides lasting comfort of having your loved one close to your heart. Heart cremation rings are common because they symbolize a person’s affection and love for another. It’s not uncommon for a spouse or parent to wear a cremation ring as a comforting reminder.

Do What Feels Comfortable

There is no right or wrong way to honor a loved one’s memory. Whether it’s having his cremated remains buried in a cemetery or incorporating them into a diamond pendant, you should do what makes you feel comfortable. If you need assistance making arrangements for your loved one’s cremation, contact Grace as their funeral professionals can guide you in this process.

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