4 Reasons Why People Choose Direct Cremation

One of the easiest ways to take care of a loved one’s remains is through direct cremation. This option allows a person’s body to be cremated a day or two after death without being embalmed or having a viewing. This is a great option for those looking for an alternative to traditional cremation or burial.

Just as the rate of traditional cremations is on the rise, direct cremations are becoming more popular as well. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, direct cremations make up 35 percent of a typical funeral home’s cremation business each year.

Here are some reasons why people are choosing direct cremations.

1. Cost Effectiveness 

One of reasons why people like direct cremations is because this option is very cost effective. Instead of having elaborate pre-burial events, such as a wake or funeral, direct cremations are performed immediately after death and are often followed by a memorial or Celebration of Life ceremony, if the family wishes.

On average, the cost of a direct cremation is about $2,260, which is about $1,000 less than a cremation with a memorial service. Direct cremations also cost about 50 percent less than a more traditional casketed funeral that involves a viewing before the cremation process. So if you’re working with a limited budget, consider a direct cremation.

2. Flexibility and Ease

In addition to being cost effective, the flexibility and ease that come with a direct cremation again make it a good option. With this process, you can have a service whenever and wherever you prefer. You can schedule it at a time that works best for your family and friends, even if it is a few weeks after your loved one died. This is especially convenient for those whose family members have to travel long distances for the service.

Planning a direct cremation is also just simpler just easier to control. There is no heavy burden or stress put upon the family to plan a large ceremony, which is difficult to do when you’re still mourning. There is also less running around and organizing to do. You can plan a direct cremation with just a few phone calls and then sit back and take care of yourself and your grieving family.

3. Mobility

More people choose direct cremation because they can take the cremated remains with them wherever they go. If your loved one died while being far away from family and friends, his ashes could be easily transported back home via courier or carried on an airplane. It is much simpler and cheaper to transport cremated remains than a casketed body.

Mobility is also important if you are the type of person who moves around a lot. With a burial, it is quite expensive, and to some unethical, to exhume a loved one and move him to another location if you were to relocate. However, with cremated remains, it is much easier to take the urn or other container with you when you move. This is also especially helpful to families who can’t choose a permanent burial location.

4. Personal Preference

Even if money is not a factor, some families simply prefer to have a direct cremation without a service beforehand because it aligns with their values and beliefs. Some families feel that they don’t need to have a formal and public funeral service where their loved one’s body is present. Families often do not feel comfortable having their loved one’s body displayed openly nor do they wish to have people see them in this state.

Another reason for this preference is that the deceased person might have broken ties with family members over the years or does not have any close family members nearby. This is usually requested ahead of time if the deceased person pre-planned her funeral or had a will.

Need Help Arranging a Direct Cremation?

Contact Grace for more information on direct cremations. Our experts can answer any questions you may have and help you find the right solution that will fit within your budget and values. With a direct cremation, the staff will be able to handle all the details including transporting the body to the crematory for a moderate fee and completing the death certificate.

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