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7 Things You Should Ask about Doctor Referrals

doctor referrals
Finding the right hospice center for you or your loved one can be difficult. How are you supposed to know which place will cater to your needs and understand what is most important to you? Getting a recommendation from your doctor or other health care provider can be helpful, as they likely work with hospices and home care employers on...

Does Hospice Care Differ by State?

hospice differences state
No matter what state you live in, the standards and basics of hospice care are similar no matter what hospice provider. This is because hospice care is covered by Medicaid and Medicare, which are federally-regulated programs; due to this, there are certain standards of care that must be maintained across state lines. Private insurance and veteran’s benefits also typically cover...

Who’s on Your Hospice Team?

Who's on your hospice team
Hospice care can be a light in a time that might feel dark, scary, and overwhelming. Hospice is best defined as the care of a person and their family through the entire end-of-life process, including some period of time after the patient has passed away. A hospice care team consists of medical professionals, therapists and volunteers. Family members are also...